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About Paul Jamiol

Paul Jamiol has been cartooning for over 45 years. He has been recognized for his work locally, nationally and internationally. His cartoons have been featured in newspapers, magazines and on the worldwide web.

Paul entered the world of political cartoons by drawing for one local newspaper and ended up as an editorial cartoonist for several regional newspapers, commenting on a different issue for each paper.

He has won many awards for his vision of the world, including several awards from state, regional and national press associations (New England Press Association, Suburban Newspapers of America, Massachusetts Press Association).

Some say Jamiol's view of the world leans to the Left, but he consistently takes all sides to task. This is not in the interest of fairness; it is all about “If you're doing something to hurt people, you should be called on it.” Jamiol follows this credo throughout his work.

Jamiol's art, while primarily in the political cartoon realm, also includes illustration, graphics, design work and his second His stunning photography can be seen in the From Lin's Garden Calendar and the Lin's Cosmos Calendar, which he has published annually since 2012. Paul illustrated and produced a calendar of fine-line classic motorcycle pencil drawings for 12 years. More recently, he has authored and illustrated four children's books and is working on a fifth.

Paul has been behind a pen, pencil, computer or camera for most of his adult life. His love of cartooning and art has given him a chance to speak out and comment – a rare gift which he does not take lightly. He credits Linda, his wife and love of his life, for being a true partner and for being the one who always takes their projects to the highest level.