Positive Reviews of Paul Jamiol’s Books – Part II

Published May 25, 2017

Eyes on the fools by S. Hershey (Rockport, MA)
“Paul Jamiol’s World,” a book of stunningly beautiful and disturbing cartoons, will make you laugh, scream, and cry about the folly of the human condition. His political commentary is precise and his pen lets you know where he stands on the issues.

Clever, very clever by em-noon
I’m very impressed with all the U.S. political events and issues that are included in this book. Even though the topics are current, they’re also timeless.

Telling it Like It Is…For Dummies by J. Gebert “Antgne” (LI, NY)
If you’re looking to laugh at the state of politics in the USA, there’s plenty of easily digestible ‘toons in Paul’s book. As they say, a picture can say a thousand words.